Buildings Burn, People Die, But Real Love Is Forever

It Can't Rain All The Time

20 December 1983

I'm 22, engaged to be married, but we already call eachother wife and husband, to a very loving man named Lee, I have three cats, MacBeth McRoy, Amos Moses, and Medusa Magdelene. We are struggling right now with money in the small town I have lived for all of my 22 years. Hopefully one day things will get a bit easier (I keep telling myself that anyway lol) I have several nieces and nephews, 2 goddaughters, 2 sisters, one which is nice, one which is a serious trouble maker. I also have a slight obsession with The Crow and Brandon Lee, which is to the dismay of my fiance, and also Dexter. I'm also a submissive, thought I should note that here. And I have a filter in my journal so those who don't want to read about it don't have to. But if you would like to let me know and I'll add you to it. I am unique, weird, crazy, depressed, paranoid, a worrywart, and a stressnut with high blood pressure. I am all loving and forgiving if I feel that person deserves it. I love my family. I'd do anything for any member of my family, even if they all are not related neither by marriage or blood. If you are a "sister", "brother", "aunt", "uncle", "mother", or even "father" of mine you will get all the loyalty of the world. I give everyone my all or nothing at all. Accept me as I am or just don't bother.

This is a no predjuice, racist zone. Feel free to add me if you are a no drama person or if you don't type l1Ke Dis. Which is very annoying. I also have two other journals silvertear19 and the_real_doodie which I no longer use. Also I am allergic to strawberries. And my nicknames are (but PLEASE don't ever use them) Doodie, Doo Doo, Dudabug, Bug, Firefly, Midget, My Girl, Baby Girl, Crys (pronounced Chris), Little Mama, Sugarcookie, Lulu, and LoveBug.
Currently Reading: Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places by Brad Steiger

Books I Have Read:

Strangers By Dean Koontz=Loved. Horror: Fav characters are Ginger Weiss, Jack Twist, Jorja Monatella, Parker Faine, and Marcie
Hideaway By Dean Koontz= Horror: also made into a movie. Fav character: Regina
The Murder Of Laci Peterson: The Inside Story Of What Really Happened By Cliff Lindstrom: True Story
In Golden Blood By Cliff Lindtrom Paranormal: Fav character: Natalie Lindstrom
Dragon Tears By Dean Koontz Horror: Fav Characters: Harry Lyon,Connie Guilliver
Shadow Fires By Dean Koontz Horror: Fav characters: Reese Hagerstrom, Whitney Gavis, Theodora "Teddy" Bertlesman
Memoirs Of A Geisha By Author Golden Fiction: Fav Characters: Chiyo/Sayuri, Nobu, Auntie, Mameha
Grimm's Grimmest By Jacob and Wilhem Grimm
Forever Odd By Dean Koontz Sci-Fi: Fav Character: Odd Thomas, Chief Wyatt Porter, Elvis Presley (ghost), Maryanne Morris (ghost)
They're Killing Our Children By by Michelle Caruso and Nicholas Maier
ColdFire By Dean Koontz
The Year Of Magical Thinking By Joan Didion

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